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Thread: Joel Embiid

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    Default Joel Embiid

    I only watch the NBA professional basketball when the playoffs begin.
    It's an excuse to ride less in our lousy weather.
    I did notice and appreciate the way Joel Embiid spoke about his Bells Palsy condition.
    I viewed his most recent playoff game performance and wondered what was behind his strange facial expressions.
    He played very well, and explained his health condition in a post game interview.
    I am unable to find a direct link to paste here from, but I do recommend a look.
    The human body is a complex thing, but so are the many ways humans respond to what comes at them.
    BTW, I can't dribble, run, pass, dunk, I can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin.

    I may send my next post via USPS.

    Sorry, I know it's a different world.

    Thanks much!
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    Default Re: Joel Embiid

    I had it in 1985, a few weeks after graduating boot camp at Great Lakes. I had no idea what was wrong but my eye was red and burning. I went to medical, and the corpsman said, "Your right eye isn't blinking," but they sent me over to the hospital anyway, just in case I was having a stroke. It took about four months of sleeping with eye patches and wiping my mouth while I ate before it mostly resolved. My right eye is a little droopy, but it blinks.
    Retired Sailor, Marine dad, semi-professional cyclist, fly fisherman, and Indian School STEM teacher.
    Assistant Operating Officer at Farm Soap homemade soaps.



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