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Thread: Polishing Ti

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    Default Polishing Ti

    Anyone care to share their method for polishing Ti?
    I am currently using an orbital sander from 600 up to 3000 grit then cut and polish compound on a die grinder with a buffing wheel.

    It works but often there are some deeper scratches that might show up and I have to start all the way from the bottom again.
    Something tells me there is a method and better set of tools to make this more efficient.

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Cole Bennett

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    Default Re: Polishing Ti

    I'm no TI guy but the way I learned to polish stainless steel was to change the sanding direction as you went to each finer step of grit. That way as you sand with, say, 180 you would do so at about 90* of the direction the previous 80 grit was done at. When all the 80 grit scratches are gone step down to 320 and again change the direction. When the 180 grit scratches are gone step down again changing directions. This alternating direction allows one to see the previous coarser grit evidence go away more easily then if the same sanding direction was being used for all the grit steps. Once I get to around 1000 grit I move onto buffing and I try for various directions. Andy
    Andy Stewart

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