I have my Trek Boone frame that snapped a hanger and threw the derailleur into the chainstay. The chainstay did not fail and it seems to pass the tap test, but as an ex F16 crew chief, that doesn't fly with me.

What would be the best sanding practice and grits work best to get through the paint and give me the ability to look at the carbon to take a look? I would like to do this now to see if I can still ride it or at least put it on the Kickr this winter. I plan one getting it resprayed anyways in the spring/summer, so I do not mind having a square of no paint on the frame.

I am a certified A&P mechanic, F16 7 level Crew Chief, and SAE certified tech, so I am quite comfortable with my NDI and sanding skillsets, just wondering if any of my framemakers, painters, the pros, have some advice that they would like to share. Would rather gain more knowledge from the experts in this specific skills and try those skills rather than just waiting for someone else to do it.