Greenville > Memphis (overnight) > Bentonville (stayed a couple days) > Amarillo (overnight) > Ghost Ranch, NM (stayed a couple of days) > Santa Fe (stayed a couple of days) > Tucson (stayed a couple of days) > Big Bend NP TX (stayed a couple of days) > Austin (stayed a couple of days) > Mobile (stayed a couple of days) > Greenville.

Brief notes:
Memphis was an over night stop in a pal's driveway. Broke up the drive to Bentonville, but was still 9 hours or so. Bentonville I have a love/hate relationship with. A zillion mtb trails in an about town. Tons of kids on mtb's. Belle Vista was KOA (camping on asphalt) however was perfectly positioned on the bike path, and a gateway to a 22 mile singletrack ride we did with 2500' vert. Amarillo was another KOA but a break between ALBQ. Massive headwind through OK and TX = maybe 8-9 mpg, fuel gauge dropped so fast it was scary. Ghost Ranch is a must visit for anyone. Attended a wedding celebration there, and hiked around a bit. So much natural beauty! Great campground there you can see the Georgia O'Keefe flat top in the background. Santa Fe was nice, had a great dinner with Patrick O'Grady and wife, rode some nice singletrack N of town. Tucson was beautiful, saw an old buddy, rode up Mt. Lemmon a bit, ate well and chilled. Big Bend was the worst campground, $2 for 5 min shower and one shitter for the plug in's and the tent campers of which there were dozens. You need 5 days in that place to really see it, we didn't have that much time. Green Rio Grande! Austin we had our only rain-out, $$$ campground with a kickass pool we didn't use (weather) but we had In-and-Out so that helped. Interesting bike path ride, but tired from multiple 9-10 hour days in the saddle. Mobile was very nice, beautiful river trip, great food, saw an old pal, and again a below average camping spot but no pay for showers and a couple heads. State Parks are def the right way to go if you can work it out. We had a number of urban situations that required Good Sam recommendations, hit or miss.

Great trip, too much driving. F-250 Diesel (11 mpg) is a horse, trailer functioned perfectly. Should have stayed longer at Big Bend, so much to see there, but we were on a time schedule. Awesome boat trip through the Tensaw River in Mobile. A few pics:
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