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Diesel and Gas are about the same price now. I paid $3.36 a gallon for midgrade unleaded today. Diesel was $3.58. I get 22 mpg without a trailer in my 2020 diesel F-250 and 12ish with just under 10,000 pounds of travel trailer. My wife gets similar mileage with her diesel 2500 while towing her gooseneck horse trailer with about 4,000 pounds of horses and gear, plus the trailer's weight. If we didn't have horses and a travel trailer, there'd be no need for a diesel pickup. Both trucks have completely stock tuning and emissions. We spend the summers in Wyoming, towing everything north from Arizona while avoiding interstates as much as possible. Oil changes are more, but I get mine done at the Ford dealer which typically has a "Works" coupon for $99. I get two oil changes yearly, with fuel filters (2) every other oil change. My wife's truck has almost 300K miles, and mine is approaching 100K. Will a gas truck go 300K miles?

My wife is an equestrian, and we travel to events all over Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana. You don't see any gas trucks at those events.
Not where I live, we're still on winter additive for diesel and it now costs almost a dollar more, not including the cost of DEF.

And yes, a gasoline truck will go 300,000 miles and more if maintained. I have a Toyota Tundra with a 5.7 and they are known to go well over 300,000 miles; American-made 3/4 and 1-ton trucks are known to go over 300,000 miles, they're lighter 1/2 ton trucks are junk. I get 20 to 21 mpg with my truck, and about 12 with a 7,500 pound trailer, but it weighs more because it's loaded, but not sure how much that is. Your Ford has a 10,000-mile interval for oil changes, but my Tundra manual says 5,000 miles, my dealer says 7,500 with synthetic, and the dealer said as long as I don't use E85 fuel I can go to 7,500, but there's a oil service light that will come on when it detects the oil needs to be changed soon, but your truck holds 13 quarts of oil, mine holds 8. My truck is bone stock too, though I am considering putting in a freer-flowing exhaust system when mine needs replacing. I forgot, my truck is a 4x4 supposedly those get a bit worse mpg than 2x4s, and I have a double cab with a long bed, not sure if that matters.