By g-d this is VSalon and we can't have anything less than excessive overdoing it yah? Kidding.

This might be a thread to show your amazing kitchen or before / after OR to talk about a project so here we go.

After 22 yrs. living with a barely functional kitchen from which I've served the masses and endured...oh why bother? My kitchen is just awful.

We are beginning to trot contractors thru the house and talk about "what it". All I know so far is that I'll finally get a gas oven, adequate counter space to work/prep. the rest is up in the air. I'll post some diagrams of the space in time as well as some ideas.

Would love to hear about stoves, built in appliances etc. that rock your world. I'm keen to have some sort of a fast top broiler or even a small salamander installed since i do alot of top browning last min. Big / Deep kitchen sinks YES!!! Talk to me about amazing kitchen sinks.

Here we go...