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Fair enough and I agree with this, but, here is the sad part for you - the actual airline is the tail end of this thing - the experience of just getting through the damned airport and actually onto the plane is about 2/3 of the problem.

The actual airline is only 1/3 of the grind your teeth and wan to kill someone experience now-a-days.
My advice to all travelers remains the same:

  • When possible, fly early morning and whenever possible the first flight out of that city on your airline in the morning.
  • When possible, fly direct or at least the fewest connections. And if you must connect, try to connect on the same airline.
  • When possible, arrive early to the airport. Being delayed at the TSA line is not nearly as stressful if you have the time to spare.

Extra tips:

  • Bring refillable water bottle. Many airports have bottle filling spigots inside security. That way you stay hydrated (important for fatigue mitigation) and don't need to pay $5 for a bottle of water.
  • Bring snacks. See above on prices.
  • Get noise cancelling headsets to listen to music or podcasts or books or whatever else.
  • Get a spare Mophie or other brand battery to charge some PEDs (Personal Electronic Device) so you're not fighting other people for the local outlet.

These are tips from a 20+ year airline veteran on how to reduce the misery of a normally miserable experience. Other road warriors can probably offer more tips.

But if I can reiterate: Travel early and travel direct.