Sitram Cybernox used to make a "almost" non-stick all metal pan that is broiler safe too. Hellofapan, I've had one for about 12 yrs. If you keep it squeaky clean and remember to get it hot before adding food it is 99% perfect. Never seen another like it.

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The only non-stick pan I'll ever by again is Scanpan. They are made of titanium and ceramic and the non-stick finish is guaranteed by most retailers for life. This pan is heavy, heats up slowly, stays hot and cooks evenly. You can sear your food on the stovetop, then put the pan in the oven to finish banking it. It's a lot like having the best qualities of cast iron and teflon in one pan.

Scanpans are expensive (I think I paid about $150 for my 10 inch skillet). I replaced a $125 Calphalon non-stick pan after about 18 months with a scan pan few years ago and my new pan shows no signs of wear.