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    Default Re: Bread bakers …. Any experiences with, or recipes for Rye Bread?

    This one has come out pretty well for me although I have only made it about 4 times. I have tried using it as is and also substituting maple syrup (as Bien Cuit has in their Art of Bread book a maple rye that is nice but a PITA to make) and then used honey instead of the malt. Kinda think the honey was better. I have tried some others that are similar. One of the keys is that you need to mix white and rye…and then you can also go down a rabbit whole of dark rye/ white rye/ light rye….I find half and half of regular bread flour and a dark rye are best to my taste buds. Also, another thing I like in this is the half crushed caraway and half not crushed. I think in that way the caraway-ness gets better disbursed in the bread. And, to me, the caraway is more of what I think of as the signature of rye bread than the rye itself.

    Oh, and the reason you want a mix of white and rye flour is because rye flour has less gluten so you need the other and the half/half seems the right ratio for rise etc.
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