Yo FB's - We're getting ready to run a new batch of a bajillion dummy axles and before we do I'd like some feedback on the newer thru axle varieties. In the past, we've always made the TA dummies symmetrical, so a 12 is a 12 on both sides, same with 10, 20, 15, etc. With the popularity of RS Maxles and DT's through axles, I'm wondering if folks would rather the dummy axles be asymmetrical allowing the driveside dropout to be threaded and not use a nut/compression bolt. So instead of a 142 x M12 thru axle dummy having an M12 shoulder on each side, one side would be M12 and the other would be M11'ish (root diameter of a M12x1 thread).

Any feedback is appreciated. Any additional sizes you'd like to see (we've already added the 170), feel free to mention them too. Thanks!