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Welcome to VELOCIPEDE SALON. Dear friends, you are here because you found this or someone told you about this place. This really is a salon it says so right here, go ahead and look!!! This Salon is where bicycle artisans, industry types, racers, cyclists, bicyclists and their friends exchange in a comfortable setting. We bring some history but none of the bags with us from our former fav. places to hangout. Nuff said. There are ground rules for everyone to follow, most are explained in the agreement (below). This Salon is ment to remain work place friendly. Don't ask us what the color of the kit is. This will cause immdeiate removal from the Salon!!! Sorry, we voted and that's the way it is. This Salon is operated by volunteers who donate lots of hard work, insight and generosity. Feed the moderators beers and give lots of karma, they are "easy"...I made sure of that ;) Generally we encourage discussion about cycling and things related. If you are a steady contributor to the forum it makes sense you'll talk about other things, that's normal right? Warm Regards, Too Tall and our handsome staff of volunteers

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