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CLASSIFIEDS The Classified Home Page shows the most recent ads placed. All FS ,WTB and WTT classifieds require a one year subscription. Please follow these instructions: In order to create a new classified WTB or WTT you will need a one year subscription. Instructions are below: "Paid Subscription" is found under Settings (very top of any page) -> My Account (down the left hand side) -> Paid Subscriptions. 1. Settings >>> 2. Paid Subscriptions >>> 3. Choose >>> VSalon Classified 365 4. Pay 5. Done! 1) BASICS: Buying or Selling, it's a good idea to exchange email addresses in order to keep track of each other. Shipments only with tracking is highly recommended. IF an ad seems too good to be true, the seller can be required to supply identification to place the ad. Buyers and Sellers are expected to work out sale terms together, and to keep those sale terms. IF you have problems with a Classified transaction, attempt to work out those problems with your buyer or seller. Think twice before buying items sold "AS IS." IF a buyer is not happy with the sale, it is only fair to refund the purchase price (not shipping). Most problems can usually be easily worked out with good communication. 1.a) Do not sell used: tires, tubes or other "wear items" this is lowbrow and not ok. 2) PAYMENTS to Private Party Sellers: Paypal and postal money orders are good ways to make payment and have some recourse if the item is not as advertised or not received. Making the payment by credit card through Paypal may offer the extra option of reversing the payment via the credit card company. Sellers must offer some payment method which offers buyers recourse if problems arise. Paypal is the most popular - but not only - choice. Sellers may not require payments be sent as gifts - as the buyer would have no recourse with Paypal on a gift payment. It is strongly recommended that buyers do NOT make payment by bank wire transfer or Western Union or personal checks or NON Postal Money Orders, as this allows the buyer little recourse if there are problems. Sellers may not require payment by bank wire transfer or Western Union. 3) DO NOT SEND PAYPAL PAYMENTS AS GIFTS! If you as a buyer need to file a complaint with Paypal, what do you have to complain about over about money sent as a GIFT? 4) RECORDS: Its a good idea to save a screen snapshot of the ad to be sure what was advertised and how it was described. Separately save the larger images. Keep the emails/PMs between buyer and seller until the item is delivered and both are happy with the transaction.. It is strongly suggested that sellers ALWAYS require a signature to prove delivery. Within the US, USPS priority mail with signature confirmation works very well. Internationally USPS Express Mail provides tracking and proof of delivery. You can save waiting in line at the post office by creating your own account at in order to print your own shipping labels and postage on your own printer. 5) Please do not start a forum thread about what you are selling in the classifieds (or eBay etc). 6) The Advanced Search classified function allows you to find classifieds by choosing your search criteria. The home page and the home classified page show the most recently placed member ads. 7) DO NOT place negative comments about ads or auctions. Sellers are free to place their ads. Buyers are free to buy, or not buy. There is no need for animosity. 8) To point out the obvious, member classifieds are for private sale Not dealers. Not commercial computer or phone or similar spam ads

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If you are starting threads, or sending out similar links to multiple message boards, we reserve the right to delete, modify, or combine said texts so that the V-Salon does not become a receptacle for your spam and/or overt marketing from folks who are not part of the community at large. We encourage participation, but not duplication. Please use and enjoy V-Salon garden, but don't clutter it up with weeds or we'll get out the weed whacker. If in doubt pls. send a PM to one of our moderators before you post. Thank you, VSalon Team

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