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Thread: Posting Images on VSalon With Flickr

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    Default Re: Posting Images on VSalon With Flickr

    Looks like for Instagram, you can also still use Todd's method of typing in the HTML.

    So the code for Instagram is IGM. You open a code with [X] and close it with [/X]. For Instagram, X = IGM, so you would replace the X with that. The letter code string for the particular post goes in between. So it would be [X]lettercode[/X] with the appropriate substitutions for Instagram. Again, the letter code is embedded in the link for the particular post, so for

    www. /p/ CQYk5JlA1m6 /?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. (spaces added to prevent html from kicking in)

    the letter code string is CQYk5JlA1m6. Stick that in between two IGM with appropriate brackets and you get

    cute goats.
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