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Thread: The Nomadic Life

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    Default The Nomadic Life

    Casa TT et al. have recently taken to glamping. We use a Travel Trailer to find places to go eff' off for a few days or few weeks. We are frequently impressed meeting others who similarly are traveling with one difference, this is their entire life. These folks are working remotely or not at all, they simply travel. Taking off for a few days or weeks is hardly a change in lifestyle, taking your game on the road is a different matter. Somewhere in the middle lies the need/want many of us aspire.

    I'm going to kick this off with a (verbatim) cut and past of a portion out of a recent article by Amelia Borg and Timothy Moore -
    (Quoted Text)
    ....Currently in the idealized capitalist economy, the working subject is retained until a time when they can be free to enjoy leisure and explore the unknown where their bodily output is no longer linked to labor or financial production. Nomadism is a rewarded after a lifetime of permanent work, a rebuff of the societal and economic systems that during the twentieth century largely tied a working subject to a single static piece geographically.

    ....The extension of a life leisure may soon impossible as people become so indebted that they are no longer able to retire. While gray nomads are primarily privileged baby boomers, their way of life reveals much about physical and digital infrastructures that support and facilitate nomadic living. This subcultural for of living may instead be a precursor of a life for future generations--not one of nomadic leisure but one of nomadism--following cheaper land, going off grid or working remotely.
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