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Thread: Titanium question

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    Default Titanium question

    I was recently given an older Titanium frame. Upon cleaning it up I noticed a crack. The crack is on the drive side chainstay right behind the chainstay bridge. My question is wed the crack or braze it with filler and flux made for Ti? Just looking for some thoughts.

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    Default Re: Titanium question

    The best answer is to cut out the chainstay and bridge and replace. If that is not an option, know that repairing it will require meticulous work. Older Ti frames have two properties working against them; fatigue life and inability to properly clean the interior of the tube. Both are disadvantages for a lasting repair, but do not rule it out. I strongly suggest replacement. I strongly advise against any brazy/fill stuff. If you want to weld it, we can discuss the proper procedure...let me know.

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