Hi all, I'm rather new to frame building and am building my second bike. I TIG weld steel tubing and components bought from NOVA cycle supply. This friend I'm building for requested disk brakes, a rear rack, and fenders. It is basically gravel bike geometry with a rear hub motor, mostly road components. I bought the NOVA dropout with two eyelets, here. And I bought the ISO disc brake mount. Now the frame is together and everything interferes with everything in back. There isn't space to mount the calipers between the SS & CS. On top of the axle there isn't a good spot to weld mounting points and it will block the eyelets almost no matter what I do. There isn't space for a larger brake rotor. I looked at some modern frames and it looks like the seat stay tends to extend much further, past the axle, using a totally different dropout. Fine, but how can I recover this build?

Side comments:
1. Do the bends in those NOVA cyclocross seat stays make sense to you? No matter how I orient them it isn't wide at the tire. Hence the extra welding on the seat tube to get tire clearance.
2. Do you think I should add bracing to handle torque from that hub motor? It is an ebikeling kit.

Thanks! -DJ

crowded dropout.jpg

crowded dropout 2.JPG

crowded dropout 3.jpg