The VelocipedeSalon FrameForum is for the exchange of ideas, processes, resources and all conversations related to the framebuilding trade.

To post on The VelocipedeSalon FrameForum, MENTOR, and The Path, you must have your first and last name in clear view. No anonymity is permitted. If your screen name is your first and last name OR if your posting signature contains your first and last name, you are compliant.

The VelocipedeSalon FrameForum is organized as follows:

MENTOR: Anyone can start a thread or pose a question in MENTOR. However, only the OP can then proceed with the discussion which is curated by the list of mentors. If you're a career framebuilder and not currently listed as a mentor but would like to be added, please PM Too Tall or e-RICHIE.

The Knowledge: Threads are stored here for posterity and reference. No new threads allowed.

The Path: This subforum, formerly the General Discussion board here, is an open conversation about bicycle framebuilding. If you're a do-it-yourself-er, a hobbyist, or just want to chat about the basics, please do so in The Path.

If you're a framebuilder and want to talk about your work, promote the brand, or show images, it must be in your Smoked Out thread or on Friday Night Lights. If you don’t have a thread but are interested in starting one, please PM Too Tall or e-RICHIE. NOTE: The VelocipedeSalon Gallery threads are for fans and clients. Please don’t use them for your images. Use the S.O. or FNL threads for these.