Hey folks,

I have a few frames to paint and I'd like to branch out past the paints available at the local auto parts shop to get into a paint system that has a broader array of colours and effects. I found that the 3 stage automotive paint system from Nason was fairly easy to use, is moderately durable, and fairly cost effective, but I'd like get some heavy metallics, candy colours, and multi-stage 'effect' type paints onto some bikes. House of Kolor is the biggest name that I've seen around, but I don't know if they are the best supplier to buy into, or even how they paint system works exactly as they have such a broad offering. Createx Autoair's colour (now known as Wicked Colours) line is pretty good and it is something I've used on other applications in the past, but those paint projects didn't require primer or clear coat. I wonder how the water based stuff like that would hold up in a bike application? Wet paint systems seem to be such an opaque topic and there isn't a ton of easily accessible information online about how to use them and guides for the 'garage' user.

Any recommendations for resources on more advanced 3 stage painting? Perhaps I should look into the world of custom helmet painting?