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Thread: Paint and decals

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    Default Paint and decals

    Hey there,
    I am currently working on a small run of frames, the idea here is to come out with something reasonably priced. When it comes to paint, I am thinking ill do a single color powder then I would like to use some kind of high quality decal for my logos. I want to avoid a second coat of clear to seal the decals. I have seen this done with some success on factory frames. Does anyone have a suggestion when it comes to the kind of decals I could use and where to source them.

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    Default Re: Paint and decals


    The quality of your finish will ultimately be driven by the price point you are targeting for your product.

    The least expensive finish will be a single color powder coat with top mount vinyl cut logos. Most will use a sign quality vinyl that is fairly robust and easily replaced when damaged or to freshen up the frame.

    The next step up would be a top mount printed vinyl decal, allowing you to incorporate colors and detail into your logo...have your printer apply a UV clear vinyl on top to prevent against color fade.

    Beyond this, the quality improves measurable but so too does the cost. A screen printed transfer that is good for top mount or under heat set clear is available from professionals such as Gary Prange of SSSInk.

    In the end, only you know what COGS meet your business plan, ensure to create the highest quality product that is financially viable for a sustainable business.



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