Listed below are the current list of Mentors. Mentors have volunteered to share their knowledge with others who seek a higher learning.

Conversations are restricted to the Mentors and OP.

VelocipedeSalon honors and acknowledges each Mentor for giving back to the trade.


Amaro Bikes Amaro Bikes
crumpton Crumpton Cycles
Curt Goodrich Curt Goodrich Bicycles
Dalton Daltex Bicycles
darren crisp Crisp Titanium
e-RICHIE Richard Sachs Cycles
edoz Edoz Bicycles
EnginCycles Engin Cycles
Eric Estlund Winter Bicycles
fortyfour 44 Bikes
Gregory Townsend Townsend Cycles
hampco Hampsten Cycles
hmbatrail Shamrock Cycles
Jamie Madeiros Firefly Bicycles
jerk Gaulzetti Cycles
Jon Norstog Thursday Bicycles
Jonathan Jonathan Greene Cycles
moth attack Moth Attack
Nate Zukas Zukas Cycles
progetto Progetto Bicycles
Rody Groovy Cycleworks
Round Dario Pegoretti Cicli
shand Shand Cycles
Shock79 No. 22 Bicycle Company
steve garro Coconino Cycles
Tom Kellogg Spectrum Cycles Inc.
Tyler Evans Firefly Bicycles
VertigoCycles Vertigo Cycles
zank Zanconato Custom Cycles