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Thread: Kevlar Brazing Hose Question

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    Default Kevlar Brazing Hose Question

    I have a Smith Kevlar hose set that I have not used for several years. I am finally getting my brazing rig set up again (oxy-propane) and found that I have a leak in the connection where the kevlar fuel hose leaves the gas saver appliance. I checked all the connections and have confirmed that the leak is emanating from the brass/hose connection where the kevlar hose starts (not the brass to brass connection). The oxy hose seems OK. This set of hoses dates back 15 years but has seen light use and has been sitting in box for several years. Is there a way to have this connection repaired or given the age of the hoses - should I spring for a new set?

    Thanks for any assistance from those with more experience with these hoses.

    Roman Stankus

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    Default Re: Kevlar Brazing Hose Question

    I'd spring for new hoses, and just some basic ones at that.

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