Hi, I built an ebike for a friend but the tire clearance on the front is too tight and we're hitting our feet on the front wheel when we turn. I TIG welded the frame from NOVA steel butted tubing. The fork is a Surly. 700C wheel size. How should I fix this? These are what I can think of:
- He's trying pedal extenders, but it doesn't sound like a great fix
- There are fancy headsets which try to do change the angle but they don't sound like a great solution.
- We can buy a 26" wheel for the front, and probably a different stem too.
- I can rebuild the front end. For me tube coping is laborious because I don't have a good mill setup
- I can weld offset dropouts to the fork. I don't love this idea because I don't know what the steering would be like with an extreme head tube angle and extreme fork rake, and that fork is store bought and powder coated and has nice dropouts with tons of mounting points.
- I can cut the down and top tubes near the head tube, where the tube butts are still thick for welding. I can carefully cut some plate steel for both sides of the frame in a shape that allows welding along the edges and holds the head tube at a new angle, as shown in the picture. If welded properly, does that sound safe? Does that sound easier than totally redoing the front triangle?

Thanks for any tips.
-DJframe mod.pngebike 2.jpg