Hey folks, I posted this somewhere else on the internet but we have a slightly different audience here, so I thought I'd repost

I've been doing post mounts for a few years now as I'm sure many of us have. I made a 160mm PM fixture last year which has been serving me well and I'll be making more for 140 and 180mm mounts as well. Which brings me to the question...is there a demand for these tools? Do any of you want them? I can make my own crude tools and be done with it or I can have a shop give me a quote for quantities and sell them to people who need them.

Here's my "prototype"

new tool tuesday by VertigoCycles, on Flickr

P.S. I'm hedging my bets that 140mm rotors are going to come back when the big S companies get their shit together and start making hydro road calipers.