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Thread: Chainstays for Disk

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    Default Chainstays for Disk

    Curious if anyone has experience with these?

    They have a smashed area for the braze on caliper mount that Columbus sells.

    I know it is not to scale, but it does not seem like this would end up correctly putting the braze on in the right place? Doesn't that smashed area (and braze on)need to be parallel to the center-line of the frame?

    end use would be 142mm dropout width 425-430mm chainstays. Clearance for 40ish tire and 42 tooth single chainring.



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    Default Re: Chainstays for Disk

    No experience but if you add up the products of the sector lengths and the sines of the angles the total offset comes to ~80mm, more than enough to get that section parallel to the centreline.

    Geometry is your friend.

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