Been wanting to get to this for a while now. I have the Anvil Dummy axles on my fork jig and I like them way better than the Bringheli's.

What I wanted:
-No modification to the Jig (which would allow fellow Bringhelist's to use my adapter)
-Quick Change over
-Obviously use Anvil Dummy Axles
-Keep the Dummy Axle centerlines the same so users can continue to use the Scale for BB Drop.
-Keep the Dummy Axles Offset an easy to remember number.

What I came up with:

It uses a shaft that is turned to the exact diameter of the original Bringheli so it sits in the V the exact same way
This shaft is then flatted to a precise dimension, allowing the mounting of the Adapter Top and Bottom Plates
They function similar to how the Anvil DA is mounted in the Anvil Jig.

The end result is a Anvil Dummy Axle mounted in your Bringheli Jig exactly 50mm on center to the left of the original Dummy Axle.

I'm trying to see if there would be enough interest to send the parts to one of my vendors to have then run. If not I'm only planning on building 3 or 4 sets myself. 2 of which are already spoken for (me and another forum member). Also I'm taking this opportunity to see if anyone has suggestions or input before I start cutting metal.

Thanks - Todd.