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Thread: Finish Line Tire Sealant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colinmclelland View Post
    How do you find the Endurance? I was drawn to that and then read a review somewhere saying you had to use a tonne of it to actually seal a hole. I ended up buying the vanilla Orange Seal. Haven't used it though.

    Stans hasn't given me the drying out problems I expected, nor the boogers. I'm not sure about mixing sealants and there has been nothing to force me to strip down these wheels and start again.

    I also tried some Orange tubeless valves for this these wheels but couldn't get them to seal. Now I see I might need to do the lockring up with a spanner. So more than likely user error put me off Orange...i'll stick some in these wheels and see how we go, so thanks for the recommendation.
    It's working for mtb use and run it on gravel tires as well. All lower pressure applications. Stans is my second choice for sealant.
    Re changing sealants, if there's any liquid left I'll hose it out and go from there with the alternate.

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    Default Re: Finish Line Tire Sealant

    I just refilled the tyres with the last of the Stan's I had lying around. I don't even know which tyre I put the test hole in. With a proper sealant, which for me no longer includes Finish Line, it was an absolute non-issue. To the point I have no idea which tyre it was in. Don't need to know. Don't care.
    Colin Mclelland

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