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Thread: Cross is Here 2017

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    Default Cross is Here 2017

    Figured I would start a thread about everybody's race stories from the season, how things are going, what you need to work on, and general discussion.

    The Rochester UCI C1 & C2 races were this past weekend.

    I raced the 3's on Sunday that went off a minute behind the open race. I guess there was an incident with a spectator and a rider first or second lap. I saw the spectator on the ground and it looked just like a family member so I pulled off immediately to check in. Lots of people taking care of him, and it was not my family member so I resumed racing (thoughts are with the family, hopefully he's doing okay). As if my heart rate wasn't high enough already... Started chasing back hard to make up for lost time, but I had lost too much. Spent the rest of the race trying to make up lost time. Good effort, and good to get 50 minutes of racing under me, but not the result that I wanted. C'est la vie.

    The open field/ cat3 was fast. Holy smokes, those Cannondale/CX Worlds riders are no joke. Definitely a fast, powerful course. Also learned (relearned) how crucial a good warm up is. Average heart rate was 195bpm. Should probably have warmed up a bit more... Few glances at my Garmin while racing saw 200. Was able to ride some technical sections better than last year, but some sections worse.

    Oh well, first race is in the books. Glad CX is here, and that I know what I need to work on. Those Full Moon Vista dudes put on a hell of a race. Great venue, great course (even though I stink at it), and awesome chance to watch the pros rip. Everybody should try to make it next year.

    How about you guys? How was the first weekend of racing for the season? Everybody crushin' it?

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    Default Re: Cross is Here 2017

    Got really behind on training thanks to a spell of MTB crashes. Went into the season opener pretty fatigued from the first hard week of a 3 week block, but went out super hard, maybe in the top ten of the (light) elite field started letting some riders go and my rear tire exploded violently, cut to the sidewall. Ran a half lap to the pits and tried to hang behind riders I wanted to, but a lap down. Was kind of fun, but disappointing.

    I think I'm going to skip this weekend because my back is acting up again (and to finish installing flooring in our house), and were skipping KMC sort of out of protest and cost. So I'll have a few weeks to get my health, fitness and wheels in order.

    Rochester looked like a good time this year, hope to make it up sometime.
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    Default Re: Cross is Here 2017

    Here's my probably-too-thorough accounting of the first race of the season.

    Twas a hot one indeed w/ Garmin reading low 90s during warmup. I knew I would have to use my high energy reserves carefully since overheating = the end of real racing for me. Some goods and some not so goods. Had a crappy start that put me back further than I would've liked. Stayed patient since I knew burning matches to get up to where I wanted to be in the first lap and a half would wreak havoc on the rest of my race. Had to skirt around 3 people going down in front of me in the first two laps. It was very dusty so front wheel traction was low. But I think they just overextended themselves too early and couldn't handle their bikes. Anyway by the 3rd lap or so I got up to 7th riding with another guy who I've gone back and forth with in the past. I stuck behind him for awhile and actually was starting to recover a bit from the opening salvo. We weren't close to people in front of us and no one very close behind, so I was planning to sit and wait and attack later. However w/ about 2.5 to go at the 180 in the sand pit, he stalled and I ran around. At that point I attacked hard on the next uphill, lost that advantage on some twisties, but attacked again on the next uphill and got a few seconds. I was all in at that point. However, later that lap I went over the handlebars in my own pacing-induced handling mishap. Bike was rideable, but shifter was knocked around and derailleur hanger bent. Also got passed back. From that point on it was a steady downhill caused by me going too deep too early, the tumble, and bike being a little out of wack (mostly the first two). Ended up getting passed in the last lap by a hard charging guy who I usually beat but had a great race. In the end the three of us finished with 20s or so of each other from 6-8. All in all a mixed bag, but better than similar hot first races in the past. Finished well inside the top 10 and got paid, so that is good. Good to get the first one done and dusted (or dusty, in this case). On to the next one.

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