XC tires, not for everyone, but a few initial thoughts:

I finally made peace with the fact that the awesome and massive WTB Vigilante 2.5"/TrailBoss 2.4" combo (which measured fairly larger than stated on my 35mm rims) were too much tire for 99% of my riding. My rims are too much rim for my riding, too, but whatcha gonna do. Harder and spendier to replace rims.

I ride an XC bike on XC type terrain so I thought it time for some humanely weighted XC tires and saw favorable reviews of the Barzo/Mezcal combo. I have only a few rides, but so far, I am like! I was initially scared that due to the psychological effect of being used to a certain kind of traction/grip, I would break my arm or something sliding out without such enormous lugs biting into the ground, so I had my hackles raised for my first ride. But, the Vittoria/graphene grip has majorly impressed me. I am not the most confident leaner, but ironically, I found myself leaned over farther in corners! Weird. Yet, I also think that the huge lug situation on the Vigilante/TB was, for me and my terrain, counterintuitively not as confidence inspiring. Also, like, maybe i don't know how to lean over enough to enjoy the WTBs, but I think more casing on the ground vs. more lugs is part of why I like the feel.

I have felt just as good or better with the Vittorias for my general xc type terrain - a mix of classic rooty/rocky eastern singletrack and some flowy, southeastern red/sandy clay singletrack. I don't think we have loam here. What is that, anyway? Plus, the Vittorias are a pound lighter than the WTBs! A lot of new PBs on strava segments without any "oh sh!t"s. Horses for courses, I guess, but if your terrain is like mine, you might like. Unless I start flatting, these are here to stay for a bit. Where I am going to have to see about these guys, is when we get to the pine straw time of year. But hello, summer! While ymmv, this salonista likes. I plan to get a second set while they're still on sale.