Salsa Horsethief, where have you been all my life? For years I have been riding a 29er hard tail. The main reason was a throwback to the bikes of my youth and being fed up with finicky suspension widgets. But in the last 3 month I have been feeling... beat up and run down on my rides. I decided to change my game and get a 29er full suspension. I stopped in University Bicycles :: Sales | Service | Rentals threw a leg over this bike and fell in love. Then I rode it, now we are in full on infatuation.

130MM in the front and 120mm in the rear.

Carbon front triangle and aluminum rear. Which is how I like it.

1x11 with a 142mm through axle.

Things I like at a bike at this price point, good tires and good parts (thomson bits). Usually I buy a bike, then drop $300 on new post, stem and tires. No need here.

Everyone should ride semi long travel FS bikes.