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Thread: Todd Wells Retiring

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    Default Todd Wells Retiring

    Good post on his blog covering his story:

    I did a CX clinic in 2011 and he was one of the instructors and national champ at the time. He was very nice and laid back. I remember he was leading a session with another rider on barrier technique. First the pros demonstrated. Todd always set his bike on the ground for half a second in between the barriers. When someone asked about it, he responded with something like "Yea you're not really supposed to do it that way, but I'm lazy." It was pretty funny.

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    The first time I attended Starcrossed he was a headliner. He rode/ran away from everyone for half of the race, then Carl Decker caught him.

    It was my first time seeing 'cross of that caliber. I stood by the stairs run-up and had my mind blown.
    Dan Fuller, local bicycle enthusiast

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    I met him a few years ago in Augusta at the MTB Marathon National Championships (which he won both years it was in Augusta). Super nice guy, very laid back. Very damn fast on a MTB. The course wasn't very technical other than a couple creek crossings, but there's lots of FAST FAST sections with pinestraw. He was using 1.8" wide Specialized Renegade tires front and rear, which I thought was insane, no way I could use that tire up front, even at my much slower pace. He ended up falling a few times, but still got the win.

    Pro riders are skinny.

    EDIT to add ::

    Dustin Gaddis
    Southern Wheelworks: Website - Facebook

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