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Thread: IMBA a business now?

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    Default IMBA a business now?

    The New IMBA Local Program: What Mountain Bike Advocacy Organizations Need to Know - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

    So...anyone know what to make of this? Several years ago SORBA joined IMBA, and quite a few people have been wondering "what's IMBA doing for me?" lately.

    IMBA Local Program Manager, Anthony Duncan, confirmed that after nearly 30 years, IMBA is no longer a membership-based association moving forward.

    Participants wishing to utilize IMBA’s membership services will pay either a $12 or $15 processing fee per member per year, with the exact amount determined by whether the participant is part of an IMBA Local region. This annual flat fee per member is deducted by IMBA from the dues payment at the membership point of sale. Duncan is looking into how membership returns and cancellations will be handled based on a question I recently asked. Participants utilizing IMBA’s membership outsourcing services will be paid their members’ dues, less the processing fee, quarterly in arrears by IMBA. Checks will be issued by the middle of the following quarter for the previous calendar quarter.
    Dustin Gaddis
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    Default Re: IMBA a business now?

    IMBA no longer seems worth the annual membership to me. YMMV, of course.
    My sense is the state-level MTB organizations are better focused on advocacy.

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    Default Re: IMBA a business now?

    I know I just woke-up.
    I know I just skimmed the full article.
    I know it has been a couple of decades since I was last involved in this stuff.
    Perhaps it just the way this article is written.
    Perhaps people reading the article are starting with a different level of understand than I am am.
    I feel like I just a portion of the new tax law.
    How did all of this get so complicated?
    Brian McLaughlin

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    Default Re: IMBA a business now?


    My name is Peter Miller.

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    Default Re: IMBA a business now?

    There's more but this will give you a snapshot.

    IMBA may have become complacent and not looking far enough ahead.
    Lost Subaru as a major sponsor.
    Terminated Trail Care Crew program.
    Fired the recently hired Assistant Regional Directors that many groups/regions/states were helping to fund (with regions suddenly finding themselves needing to decide if and how to fund the balance of the ARDs salary much sooner than planned).
    Sustainable Trails Coalition split and differences of opinion.
    Keeping too much of membership dues in CO and offering to return more to the chapters too late (and a series of offers).
    Too much staff vs income so they slashed and scaled back.

    All of the above has made for massive headaches and challenges for us locally and at a state level. Now it's the IMBA Local pitch.
    Within Michigan we've spent more time dealing with all of the IMBA politics and organization rather than moving our own programs and plans forward. Communicating changes to membership and having to re-communicate more new changes, etc. Setting up our own membership processing, whether to start process of obtaining own 501(c)(3)s, the list gets long.

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