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Thread: Next Gen 27.5+ hidden DI2 Vertigo Cycles all-mountain hardtail.

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    Default Next Gen 27.5+ hidden DI2 Vertigo Cycles all-mountain hardtail.

    So, I've been riding hard (for me) on my Vertigo Cycles 27.5 plus hardtail for several weeks now.

    Things I have learned (or confirmed):

    Sean can dial geometry, of that there is no doubt.


    At the same time as feeling like I have been riding this bike for years, the longer front center, slightly slacker head angle, low bb short (as in ~407mm) rear center frame is a progression of the first AM hardtail that Sean built for me, B.A, way back in 2010. At that time, the 69.75° (with sag) head angle and 425mm stays were a revelation for 29ers. How far we have come!

    Short rear centre plus hardtails ROCK on technical singletrack.



    We just finished up a trip to Cumberland, BC, where there are 200km+ of trail - rocky, tech, ups, along and downs. The riding is sublime and although some would argue a full suspension bike is de rigueur, I would sing the praises of a light, capable hardtail. No need to go warp factor 3 to feel the bite of adrenaline and light and reliable for the ups.

    I guess this hardtail is new-school geometry - low long and slack to a degree. Although labels are nearly meaningless when someone as talented as Sean is behind the design, miters and welding, this seems to fit.

    I have heard lots of mention about how short rear ends are not as important as balance in the geometry and although that is probably true, if you can balance the geometry AND get the rear end really short, you have the benefit of a bike you can *really* throw around.


    I was blown away by how when 'on-sighting' techy trail, I could ride hard - apply delicate anchors when needed - but still take drops to flat or into rock gardens at ANY speed as the bike seems to be entirely in front of me. There was no indication I would be tipped forward - I dropped the saddle and could take on the trail, knowing I would never be put in a situation by the bike that I could not ride out.


    The compromise? none that I could sense. Again, the balance is there, climbing was a no-wander affair, out of the saddle or in. It was stable at speed on loose kitty-litter access trail and was comfortable at 6 hours of riding when my tired limbs and brain began to loose their snap.

    Ok, so the compromise? you have to have someone who can fit 27.5+ tyres into a 407mm back end. Not easy, even in steel, but in ti? without yokes? I would argue Sean is the man, here.


    The custom 110mm press-fit30 bb shell combined with the 177 rear hub gives me gobs of clearance around an Ikon 2.8 and plenty around a true 3" tyre.

    The other benefit of the large bb shell is the room for the internal DI2 wiring keeping the frame super clean and snag-on-brush-free.



    Of course, as ever on these builds, Sean snuck some super deep custom sh!t in. A press in steerer module for the DI2 charger and junction box, Internal routing for the flawless 9point8 dropper through a sano 'Newton noodle' into the seat tube, stem-into-steerer DI2 cable routing and more.

    See the other thread here for more build detail.

    Sean: thanks for building the best bike I could ever have asked for.


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    Default Re: Next Gen 27.5+ hidden DI2 Vertigo Cycles all-mountain hardtail.

    Good stuff Jon!! I really enjoyed watching this build come together. Thanks for sharing. Kudos to Sean @ Vertigo for sharing his process too.

    Even though I build my own bikes, I still am a mountain bike junkie at heart...
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    Default Re: Next Gen 27.5+ hidden DI2 Vertigo Cycles all-mountain hardtail.

    So awesome. Love it all!
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    Default Re: Next Gen 27.5+ hidden DI2 Vertigo Cycles all-mountain hardtail.

    That thing is Bad A##!!! Wow.

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    Default Re: Next Gen 27.5+ hidden DI2 Vertigo Cycles all-mountain hardtail.

    Ha! It was you. I saw you and this lovely bike on the trails in Cumberland three weeks ago. Three groups of riders (yours mine and one other) converged at an open space in the Trail at one time on the Sunday morning about 11am. I was riding a Banshee.

    I should've said hello.

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