Hi All,

Very stoked on my new Cotic Solaris Max. It's a steel hardtail with a 66deg steerer, long top tube, pretty steep (75)deg seat tube. I was a lot more used to old school geo, but decided to give it a try. After years of road bikes, a drift away from streets and cars led me back to dirt.

In a nutshell, all aspects of handling are imo improved. Details? I suppose I thought it would handle slowly, flop, and only be fun pointed straight downhill. I am really surprised out how playful and quick it feels. It's natural, it's neutral.

I suppose the reason I'm posting this is just in case someone is looking at new-school geo and wondering if it's good or not. I also suppose I should also include all the standard disclaimers, but y'all are adults. Props to Cotic for moving forward.