What other 29ers fit this bill:




If I had my druthers, I think I would have Igleheart build me a custom frame with his iconic segmented fork.

One thing I like about the Specialized Chisel is rinsing the bike off the aluminum frame would be less prone to rust I believe.

I think the Alma is beautiful and I respect that they feature a rigid 29er in their lineup but I think carbon frames are disposable compared to a metal frame. You can ride steel for decades but CF will date quicker and doesn't have the longevity.

Re: plug and play do the bottom two examples that I've posted above take I forget the term but is the frame designed to accommodate the fork and vice versa? The term is suspension corrected - I matched Specialized chisel with Spesh chisel fork so assume they're designed to work in concert; same for Ritchey it's their Ultra frame and I'm not sure what the rigid fork is but it's the only one they offer. But are they designed to work together?

Are there any other off the shelf bikes in this genre? Want 29er 2.4 probably. I would love to try 2.8/2.6 but this would have to be custom I think. Trek had the Stache but I think they're moving away from it.

Can anyone suggest builds for the bottom two? Would full XT be smart? Or is SRAM better. Or XTR? Also what about brakes? What are the best lowest maintenance disc brakes? Could you build either of the bottom two with like Paul V-brakes or anything along that realm to keep it old school? But I guess then wheels wouldn't jive right? Would love to keep the cost in check. Have no idea about wheels either but if anyone has any build resources I'd love to look at numbers.

Every winter I get the mtb jones. One year I'm going to pull the trigger. Carry on.