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Thread: Old school tune up-Motorpacing!!!

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    Default Old school tune up-Motorpacing!!!

    I have started to take racing serious again, partly because when I filled out my racing license, I realized I am 40!

    I have stayed 'fit' and ridden fast, but motorpacing before bigger races always seemed to give me that extra gear.

    It's been 10 years, and this is the scooter we purchased collectively. And today it came back to me!!!

    It is complete with bicycle rack, roller and many bottle holders. One guy motor paces on the way out, swap drivers on return.

    Gonna give it a little tune up, then open up the pain cave.

    Anybody motor pace???


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    Default Re: Old school tune up-Motorpacing!!!

    This is very old school. Folks nowadays put the motor in the bottom bracket.

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    Default Re: Old school tune up-Motorpacing!!!

    If you have access to a very rich schedule of fast races, you may not need motor pacing (and could even be overworking yourself if you're racing and training behind a moto). But for most, if you have a good motor pacing protocol (not just going out for sixty miles at 23 mph with a moto to draft), you can add a lot of top-end speed. Partly it motivates you because you have a moto to stay in contact with and don't have to deal with incessant wind. But even more, use the moto to do substantial longer intervals at 28, 30, 33, 35 mph. You can kill yourself with a moto in short order, which you don't want to do, but done carefully and on a program with careful physiological testing and timing, you can really improve your riding.
    Lane DeCamp

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    Default Re: Old school tune up-Motorpacing!!!

    Haven't done that in about 30 years, but I remember the huge pain involved. Lane is right as you sort of have to be careful with the speed and volume. We used to use it for a little sneak training before big events. On the track it is just plain painful. Nice thought on a 10 degree day.

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