I have been getting two hours a day by riding in the woods or skate skiing, depending on conditions. The baseline effort for both is fairly high, with short intervals that make the baseline effort obvious: you stop and listen to your heart pounding as the woods around sit quietly. A few times I have done recovery rides indoors because of schedule, but I'd rather suck it up and ride at 23 degrees than slog in front of a clock in the basement. Cold is a non-issue on skis, pretty much. But for this in my daily schedule I would not sleep. Being able to ski has made life in New England possible for this expat Californian. I'd suffer were I not to go outdoors on a daily basis, weather be damned.

I joined the aFib club in 2004. Never had another recurrence. No medication. But I learned not to obsess about politics.

I think steady-state riding on the rivet is a precursor. Also electrolyte imbalance.