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Thread: Hotel workouts

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    Default Hotel workouts

    I'll be out of town on work business for a few days this week.

    I've packed my Garmin and heart rate strap. I'm hoping the hotel has some stationary bikes I can use. Even if they don't, it's just one workout I'd miss, so not the end of the world.

    What do you frequent travelers do to keep your fitness together when you're away from home?

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    Default Re: Hotel workouts

    Sufferfest app on the iPad when there are hotel stationary bikes that are tolerable. Which is most of the time. They've really improved the app over the last year or so. This is my go-to.

    I do hotel-room yoga with the Yoga Studio app. Though Sufferfest has added a few yoga routines lately. I just use a hotel towel as a yoga mat.

    Hotel gyms are getting better about having some free weights.

    Once a year or so, I treat myself to a nice rental bike and explore whatever area I'm in. Fortunately that's mostly Bay area and CO.

    I do wish I could bring myself to be a runner. It's the most portable activity.

    And, sometimes, I just get fat.

    Nick Hoefer

    "Blow, wind! come, wrack! At least we'll die with harness on our back."
    Macbeth, Scene V

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    Default Re: Hotel workouts

    I normally travel by auto, so I bring a kettlebell and/or a slam ball. Last week stuck in a small rural town in central Nebraska, nice place, but cold and can't do anything outside. Normally I'll set up in the parking lot somewhere and swing/slam away. They had a treadmill and an airdyne. Did the treadmill and pushups first night. Second night I set up in the pool room, no one around, got music blaring on phone, timer set up, first swing of the kettlebell lost my grip, right into the deep end of the pool. I almost went and asked for a copy of the footage from the security camera. So, into the rest room, strip off all clothes, shorts back on, into pool, back into rest room to dry off, wring out shorts, get dressed, worked out for 40 minutes or so.

    I have a TRX set up that I have taken in the past, with the door attachment doohicky. Don't really care for that when hooked to a door, works well outside if you can find a tree or something to hook it to.

    The rubber tubing exercise band things work great and travel well too.

    Walk, run, push ups and sit ups if nothing else.

    When the weather is nice I bring a bicycle.

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