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Thread: Anyone take 3 or 4 weeks off?

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    Default Re: Anyone take 3 or 4 weeks off?

    Quote Originally Posted by dogrange View Post
    You saying I'm old?!!?? Truth hurts, ha ha! ...
    If I remember right, we are about the same age. 20 years old with 33 years experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by robin3mj View Post
    Not being a racer (anymore, for now) I don't have any seasonal need to be at peak versus taking breaks, so I just usually rely on the vagaries of real life dictating when I am off the bike for a material period of time. Kids' births, crazy periods at work, a vacation on which cycling isn't really feasible etc.

    These usually add up to a few 2+ week periods off the bike each year.
    There you go (in bold).
    For those of us that no longer race. Unless there is a particular event (trip, ride, whatever) there really isn't any 'season' other than different weather. For those of us with racing backgrounds, this is a hard concept to embrace.
    Brian McLaughlin

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    Default Re: Anyone take 3 or 4 weeks off?

    6500 is not that many miles.
    But if you are tired or not excited about riding, you should take some down time.
    Since you are not young (I am also not young)- I caution against 1 month off- takes too long to get it back.
    I would do the following:
    1-2 weeks totally off. Only take the 2nd week if you discover that you are genuinely fatigued.
    then 1 week cross training- hikes, walks, etc.
    then 1 week every other day.
    Then start building back up.

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