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Thread: Acupuncture and training

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    Default Acupuncture and training

    I've been getting treatment for some thoracic back pain that PT + massage therapy couldn't address. Results are good so far.

    My treatments are on Saturday morning. I take the rest of the day easy even though I don't *feel* any effects from the treatment.

    My Sunday trainer sessions have been ridiculously hard though ... harder than I think they should be. In other words, when I hop on the trainer my legs don't feel heavy or overly tired.

    e.g. had a 3x20 session scheduled yesterday. Completed the warm-up + first interval with some difficulty (88% FTP). 10 min rest at 40% was fine but my HR wouldn't settle down below 126. It'll usually settle around 115. When it came to the 2nd interval I couldn't hit more than 70% FTP.

    Since I'm new to acupuncture I'm wondering if ya'll can shed a bit of light on this.

    Take a rest day post acupuncture?

    Tom Tolhurst

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    Default Re: Acupuncture and training

    It is very possible, but you should talk to your acupuncturist.
    There are several different types/schools of acupuncture and even within the those types/schools there are different treatments that are intended to do different things. For example - it can be used to treat an acute issue (isolated discomfort) or more systemic issues (emotional/behavioral/imbalances).

    I am not a acupuncturist but have used it on and off over the last 25 years.

    The PT and massage therapy for thoracic pain could also be what it causing this sensation.

    Another way to think about this is - these treatments are very likely intended to rebalance something that is out of whack. The hard training that we all know and love is the antithesis of what many of these therapy are intended to do.
    Brian McLaughlin

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