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Thread: 6, 12, 24-hour events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    Clockwork is a good way to put it. Even if it is a short ride and all I'm taking is water I tell myself "Drinking on the xx" where xx is 15, 20, 30 depending on the weather. I like a constant steady intake and it's easier to have ingrained habits I never have to think about.
    I am doing LOTOJA this year, my first double century, and this is the most common tip I get. Eat a drink consistently, but not excessively. That, and that it is more of a mind game than a leg game once you get past 100 miles.

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    This is what I'll be trying for the next few weeks.

    Sushi rice made with a little more salt + I subbed in honey instead of sugar.
    Add chia seeds, apple + carrot strips.
    I wish I could keep the nori crisp over a few hours but maybe when I get a personal chef.


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    I did my first double century last weekend and did pretty good on nutrition, but I got the "sloshy" feeling in my stomach toward the end. I felt like I wasn't processing the food I put in very efficiently. I'll take Toots' advice about reducing simple sugars. That feeling makes me curious to look back at all the stuff the Osmo and Skratch guys have published about fluid osmolality again.

    My rule on drinking is: If I see someone drinking, I drink. If I think anything about water, I drink water. Basically take any and all prompts to take a sip, never forgo it if you think of it. More or less the same about eating-- if you think about food even without being hungry, go for a bite.

    Never going anaerobic is great advice too. I got a power meter and worked my ass off on FTP in the months ahead of the ride. It helped me stay sub-threshold or in the lower threshold zone for all the climbing on the ride. I was able to hold a strong pace all the way through the end while guys I was riding with cramped and bonked and still could function the next day.

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    While I eat a lot of apples and go through phases of eating chia seeds, I don't think I'd do well over a 24 hour event taking in fiber like that.

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