We are gathered here today to find all those extant stray cooks' threads in one place and to start new threads as well. The cutlery thread, the kitchen implement thread, the recipe and secret techniques thread. It's a place to focus on the tools and techniques of bringing brilliant food to the table, whether that table be draped in linen, vinyl, or just a picnic table by the stream. There are universal truths and beautiful tools and endless techniques to pleasing the palates.

There are many learned folks here, and some who don't know much but do what they do with gusto (obligatory remark of self-deprecation). We can learn from all.

Pics are great, but this is no pic-fest unless the process is discussed.

I have a handful of threads coming this way from GD and OT to establish tone and show you what a bunch of foodies we are. If you recall any that you think should be here, let me know. I'll try to kick something new off as necessary...probably a mini-dissertation on cast-iron next.

Samples of foods may be sent to my house and i'll fwd Pucci's share.