I've found a winery in Texas that I really like, McPherson Cellars.
I've always liked wines that have a balance between good interesting flavors and smells, with a lighter, more ethereal body and feel than the big high alcohol bruisers that wine the wine tastings.

Anyway, tonight I drank their Sangoivese.
The blurb on the back says ",,,,,,At the heart of the bouquet is a stunning red licorice and cherry cola aroma.......

Twizzlers and cherry coke ! Twizzlers in a wine !

Actually, it is a much nicer wine than that sounds.
I really enjoyed it with a great bechamel lasagna that my son made.

If you run across a wine from McPherson Cellars in Lubbock (they call it High Plains Texas on the label), try it, you'll like it.