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Thread: Farmer's Market Kicking Into Gear

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    Default Farmer's Market Kicking Into Gear

    Been a slow developing season due to the chilly spring but things are starting to catch up. Actually they are catching up so quickly some of the farmers are having trouble getting it out of the field fast enough. And then they have to do something with it, like sell it. I am happy to oblige! A lot of greens in - some places here sell these crazy mixes of greens with all sorts of different peppery sweet hot bitter tangy citrus etc. tastes in one "just add oil and vinegar" mix. Got to be good for you with all that going on.

    For a while there was baby Russian kale - so tender you didn't have to de-stem it. Sauté shallots and asparagus in olive oil and salt while boiling orecchiette (the little ears pasta.) Then just before the orecchiette are ready, throw a pile of kale into the water with the pasta. Drain the pasta, toss with the shallots and asparagus and then mix in a nice pile of freshly grated pecorino romano (plus a little pasta water to keep things from getting clumpy) - salty cheese + sweet asparagus and shallots + tangy kale.

    This week it has been garlic. The first fresh garlic came in last week, and they were good but a bit small. This week, they are regular sized but still sweet and without any burn. Full garlic sexiness with none of the sin. And the ones I got this morning were so fresh, they still had a lot of the rain from this weekend inside them. I cut the stalks off and water flowed right out of the necks.

    Going to make some pesto and peas. The basil is so potent right now it smells like it ought to be illegal. Skunk basil! And the peas are like candy. Shell them, eat a few raw, then toss the rest in the water with the pasta (usually the thinner penne) just before it is done. Drain and add the pesto (fresh garlic + skunk basil + pignoli + olive oil + grana padano) to the pasta and peas - great meal. Way too easy to overeat and end up needing a nap.

    Jorn Ake


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    Default Re: Farmer's Market Kicking Into Gear

    I'm all in for pea-pesto pasta. Nice.

    Asparagus is past it's prime here, but this week netted garlic scapes, sugar snap peas, young rainbow chard, new potatoes, tender thin wax beans, green onions and fresh strawberries.

    Sunday was omelettes stuffed with barely cooked peas, thinly sliced green onions, wilted chard and gruyere. A few new potatoes cooked briefly in butter and salt. Strawberries and cream to finish.

    I'm hungry.


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