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Thread: Meet Your Maker Tour Sacramento: June 17, 2017

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    Default Meet Your Maker Tour Sacramento: June 17, 2017

    Presented by Northern California's finest builders, makers, and doers; the Meet Your Maker Tour will be the highlight of your oddly niche, bicycle specific, festival season.

    I'm not personally affiliated with the MYM team. I'm posting this for my good friends at Blue Collar Bikes, to promote an awesome event that raises money for local charities.

    More information can be found here: June 17, 217 >> Meet Your Maker

    "We are excited to fire up the 4th annual MEET YOUR MAKER TOUR SACRAMENTO on June 17th in West Sacramento. Like our previous events, the MYM SACTO will be a no fee, casual & social ride on our beautiful delta routes. This year we've laid out 37, 50 & 60 mile routes which will all feature vehicle support & aid stations. The 50 & 60 mile route incorporate some brief gravel sections while the 37 mile loop will be pavement only. Our good friends at BIKE DOG BREWING have invited us back to start, finish and party at their awesome location in West Sacramento where we'll have builder displays, music, food & hold another huge raffle. You'll have the opportunity to take home one of a couple of custom bikes, components & a load of other awesome prizes from our sponsors. 100% of the raffle revenue goes directly to support the great folks at PB SOC & CHAKO PIT BULL RESCUE, two amazing rescue organizations in Sacramento working to better the lives of pit bull type dogs through shelter work, training, foster/rescue programs & advocacy. We are lucky to have ROSSI Catering on deck again this year so you will have the opportunity to purchase your delicious lunch in the morning prior to leaving for a few hours of fun in the delta & have it waiting for you when you arrive back at BIKE DOG for the expo and afterparty. Registration/waiver signing & lunch pre-sales will start at 9 a.m., ride starts at 10 a.m.

    We're plugged in & amped up to rock this thing, we hope you're all ready to share a fun day of bikes, beer & buddies with us here in Sacramento. We'd like to offer up some gentle reminders for those who've been out with us before and hopefully some helpful info for those new to the Meet Your Maker Tour. First off, this event is geared toward being a casual & social affair that provides an opportunity to share a nice ride on some great delta roads with friends, family & our group of frame builders. Everyone is welcome, no matter what you ride. We have created three loops for you to choose from, all will have vehicle support by volunteers who'll be keeping an eye on things, helping out with mechanical issues & doing their best to keep everyone on course, safe & happy.

    All of our routes are on open roads & there will be vehicle traffic on some of the course. It is up to you to ride safely & share the road as best as possible. A little common sense & courtesy goes a long way to making the difference between a great day out & an awful one. We want everyone attending to have a good time & ride at their own pace. Please respect others and ride within your means, there are a few sections of gravel on the 50 & 60 mile route that can be tricky at high speeds.

    PLEASE WEAR A HELMET! There's not much we can do to force you to comply, but nothing ruins a day faster than seeing someone's eggs get scrambled & we aren't especially keen on cleaning that up.

    COME PREPARED. We've got three aid stations on the long courses & two on the shorter route but it doesn't hurt to have back up goodies stashed in your pockets in case you need anything in between our stops. Both routes share the first of our aid stations at Husick's Taphouse in Clarksburg where we'll provide water & you'll have the opportunity to purchase other beverages, sandwiches, snacks etc. Husick's goes all out to provide everyone with a really nice spot to take a break before continuing on. Our long route riders will have another aid station about half way through the route where we will provide water & snacks. We recommend you fill your bottles & take a quick breather here before having some fun on the intermittent gravel section we've got marked out for you. Both short and long routes will share aid station number 3 on their return where we will also have water & snacks to help you fuel up for the last leg of the tour. We also recommend you bring some sunscreen. While we've got some wonderful shaded roads on both routes, a portion of the ride is exposed and what we'd like you to remember about your day is all the fun you had rather than the sunburn you got.

    The MEET YOUR MAKER TOUR SACRAMENTO is organized and staffed entirely by volunteers & we're all dedicated to making sure everyone has a good time. It's an awful lot of hard work but we're happy to do it. In the weeks to come, feel free to hit us with questions on the event page Meet Your Maker Tour Sacramento 217. If it takes us a bit to get your questions answered, please be patient, we will get back to you as soon as our schedule allows. We want to give you the best experience we can & that requires an almost round the clock effort between now and June 17th. Thanks a ton for your interest, we're looking forward to seeing you here in Sactown in just a few short weeks.


    In an effort to satisfy the powers that be and ensure we've got enough resources available to keep everyone happy and safe, we are limiting the field for this year's event to 500 riders. We are offering an opportunity for you to pre register to reserve your spot, help us get better prepared and eliminate excessive lines and waiver signing on the morning of the 17th.

    - Step 1) Download, print and sign the BLUE COLLAR/MYM waiver, remember to include your email address so we can confirm receipt of your entry.

    - Step 2) Lick stamp, throw your waiver in an envelope and mail it to:

    P.O. Box 189306
    Sacramento, CA. 95818-9998

    We'll confirm your entry via email and issue you a number. On the morning of the 17th show up with your picture I.D., tell us your number and we'll hand you the corresponding number plate, easy as can be.

    - OR -

    For all those local folk who'd like an excuse to get a beer and save the cost of a stamp, we'll set up out at BIKE DOG BREWING from 6pm to 9 pm on May 27th and June 10th to sign you up and hand you a number so you can sleep in a little longer on the morning of the event. Just bring your photo ID and a few bucks to tip the bartenders.

    We will have same day registration at the event providing there are enough spots left, but we recommend making the effort to register early.


    We've got great selection of some of Norther California's best and most creative frame builders and component makers participating this year. In our expo area after the ride we'll have bikes and parts on display built by:

    Albie D. Ish IV
    - Seattle Based Metal Fabricator
    - Enthusiastic Alternative Learner

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    Default Re: Meet Your Maker Tour Sacramento: June 17, 2017

    Bumping this great event!

    More information can be found at Blue Collar's Instagram: Robert Ives (@bluecollarbikes916) • Instagram photos and videos

    Purchase your raffle tickets now!

    Raffle tickets are available for purchase at THE BICYCLE BUSINESS & BIKE DOG BREWING and will be available at the event on Saturday. OR: To purchase raffle tickets, send payment via PayPal to bluecollarbikes916 (at) gmail (dot) com, select the “friends & family” option (free to both parties) and fill in your full name, email address & phone # in the “add a note field”. Within 24hrs we will send you a response via email confirming your purchase, and a list of your ticket numbers. We will fill out your tickets and hold on to your stubs until the day of the event. If you win, we will contact you and arrange for your prize to be delivered or shipped to you, at our expense
    Albie D. Ish IV
    - Seattle Based Metal Fabricator
    - Enthusiastic Alternative Learner

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