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MC - master cylinder

You're again describing what happened to me when I had a splintered piston...when squeezing the lever, the piston would move out, but then would get stuck out, creating need for more fluid, which would cause the lever throw to increase.

But...at this point, I don't think that's a problem. I don't think. When I was setting up the brakes on my bike, I just couldn't do the burping thing. Arms not long enough, frustrated, tired, etc etc. So I pushed fluid up, gravity bled down, then did the whole squeeze-the-lever-a-million-times-to-get-bubbles-in-the-cup. Twice. Not efficient at all, but the bleed has held well.
It took both Garro and I to bleed the brakes on my 29r. I'm a tall guy and couldn't reach the lever and caliper. My gravel bike is ok, it's just a smidge longer than my road bike.