This isn't my ride, but it is a really cool ride a friend (Ray, aka the Cycling Sasquatch) of mine hosts. He's mixing it up this year and moving to Indian Springs State Park here in middle GA. Entry fee includes all your food for the weekend plus some SWAG, and a portion of the proceeds go to the local MTB advocacy group.

Y'all, there's some truly phenomenal gravel riding in that area. I'm not sure of the exact routes yet, but, some teaser pics below from the area. If you opt to bring a gravel bike...bring one w/big tires, 40mm+. It can get chunky out there. There's fun singletrack in Dauset too, which you can ride to from the camp.

Expect a super fun laid back, mostly organized, weekend of fun. I'll be helping out one of the days, so say hello if you come down (or up)!

Sasquatch Ride 218 <- be sure and browse a bit for info.