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Thread: New England Builders Ball 2018 - Sept 22

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    Default New England Builders Ball 2018 - Sept 22

    Is anyone going?

    New England Builders Ball

    I did not realize it was today...

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    Default Re: New England Builders Ball 2018 - Sept 22

    Quote Originally Posted by NYCfixie View Post
    Is anyone going?
    I stopped by.

    You know it's a good scene when these are the bikes outside:

    Great to witness the return of Mike Flanigan:

    I enjoyed chatting with Betsy for a few minutes. I have an ANT Boston Roadster. It's not the bike I ride the most, but it might be the best bike purchase I've made - It's the bike that I ride with my kids while they are young and will be the bike I ride with my wife when we are old. As a MA native, I love the homage to Iver Johnson and Major Taylor.

    Now is the ideal time to get in Mike's queue. He also plans to offer the "build your own" class again. For those who aren't familiar, you spend a week working 9-5 with Mike and at the end of the week you go home with a new bike that you design, weld, paint, and assemble yourself. Unique experience or a great gift for that special person on your list... (hint, hint).

    There was the usual excellence from Chapman, Royal H, and Firefly, and some cool stuff from Pratt, Breismeister, and a few others.

    All that said, there was only one bike at the show that made me want to grab it and attempt to rockwalk out the door:


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