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Thread: Moab Skinny Tire Festival

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    Default Moab Skinny Tire Festival

    Moab Skinny Tire Festival


    I'll be heading to Moab in March for the sixth time. The Skinny Tire Festival has awesome rides and also tremendous energy and spirit as it focuses on cancer research and survivorship programs. Shoot me a PM if you want to connect. Here is the link and then a description. Cheers! PBWrench (Josh)

    Skinny Tires on Redrock

    Cyclists know about Moab; they know it as the home of the Slickrock Trail, the Mecca of mountain bikers. What many don't realize is Moab has some of the best road biking in the world. There are hundreds of miles of paved roads in and out of the world-class scenery that is known by every adventure seeker globally.

    The Festival rides the best of the best: 1) Arches National Park, 2) Along the mighty Colorado River, 3) Dead Horse Point and back.

    The Three rides of the Festival highlight Moab’s different riding opportunities. The first two days follow the mighty Colorado River corridor, both up-stream and downstream. The next two days leave the valley and climb the beautiful canyon roads into redrock country.

    From the bike seat you embrace the landscape, feeling the contours as gravity tugs on your tires, challenging you to climb and daring you to descend. You'll appreciate the grand scale of this place once you've ventured far from town under your own 'skinny' power down byways known only to a lucky few. Join the fun and adventurous group of riders through Canyon Country.

    Channeling the energy riding through the grandeur of Moab's canyon country is bound to inspire. For most riders, cycling is more than just a release; it can help define a deeper sense of purpose. To add to that purpose, the Skinny Tire Festival was created. It is an annual fundraiser to benefit cancer survivorship programs. Write a check, seek out sponsors and fight cancer.

    What's Special About the Rides

    We’ve chosen March for the festival to beat the 'tourist rush'. While this will help avoid automobile traffic, be prepared for unpredictable weather. Daytime temperatures average in the 60s but be prepared for cool temperatures as it can change quickly in the canyons. Bring warm clothing and raingear just in case.

    The rides are fully supported with sag wagons, bicycle mechanics and aid stations along the way. Aid stations have a variety of snacks and fresh water.
    Why don't we do it in the road?
    Why don't we do it in the road?

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    i went last year and it was a blast. all i can say is bring layers...
    saul and marty j were accessible to all and it was a good view into what a real slice of the cycling public is all about. and its like traveling through time... moab is beautiful.
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