The thread will be the planning thread for the IGSWWHF 2014.

Proposal: Hampsten riders throughout the Driftless (or Driftless adjacent region) meet for a chance to enjoy one-another's fellowship, Wisconsin craft beers, and the wonderful riding that the Driftless Region on SW Wisconsin has to offer.

Timeframe & Schedule: How about late April Early May? Arrive on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning at your discretion, group ride on Saturday with a stop for lunch and beers as necessary, BBQ dinner then depart, or stick around for Sunday morning ride followed by departure.

Location (Proposed): Spring Green WI, about 45 minutes West of Madison. Aldebaran Farm (Aldebaran Farm) is a really neat farmhouse, once home to Frank Lloyd Wright's uncle and overlooking Taliesin, which could be rented for the event and has generous accommodations for the group.

Please share thoughts and suggestions (obviously we'll need group t-shirts & stickers) here and invite those who might be interested in attending.