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    Default D2r2 2021

    From an email...

    Dear Fellow Riders,

    On Aug. 21st the D2R2 will ride again!

    Registration opens tomorrow, May 21st. Out of an abundance of caution, we are limiting this event to 750 riders at the present time.

    Before registering, please take a moment to read through some of our anticipated changes for 2021.

    After a year canceled by pandemic, we are returning to our roots by offering a simpler and more self-sufficient event harkening back to the early days of D2R2 when Sandy provided a cue sheet and a cooler of soda in the woods along the route.

    This year we’re limited by safety concerns, state regulations, host-town expectations, and the availability of volunteers. We can’t yet throw the full party, as we expect to next year, but we want to treat that as a silver lining. In 2021 you will have an opportunity to experience a more adventurous, less crowded ride.

    The main difference will be fewer volunteers staffing start/finish and checkpoints, and thus we’re offering simpler fare and expecting more self-sufficiency from riders. We will provide water and portable calories at rest stops, and a greater variety of the same at a midway point, but not the full, sit-down lunch you have gotten in recent years. Expect to grab self-serve snacks and go, not share a social meal. Food options will be limited, so those with dietary restrictions should plan to bring their own food.
    Post-ride food will be provided takeout-style for tailgating; we won’t be gathering under a dining tent or around a bonfire.

    Checkpoints will not have medical, communication, or mechanical services, and may be farther apart than usual. So, this is not the year for stretch goals or optimistic equipment choices. Please be conservative about what you and your bike can handle and carry more supplies than usual. All riders will be expected to carry a pump (not just CO2 inflator), multiple tubes/plugs, spare parts and a tool to fit them, duct tape, and first-aid supplies Riders must carry a mask in case you can’t be socially distanced, need to use a store or a vehicle on route.

    Three routes (180K, 100K, and a new 160K) will be offered. More details about the ride will come later!

    There will not be same-day registration, and registration materials will be emailed for you to print. We are asking riders and volunteers to be fully vaccinated and will have a new Covid waiver, as well as the usual safety waiver, as part of the registration process.

    Merchandise is available for online ordering only, and will be shipped to you, so order early if you want to wear the kit on the ride!

    If the worst happens and we must cancel the event we’ll offer 100% refunds before July, 50% refunds in July, but by August we’ll have already committed the funds and will not be able to offer any refunds. (Fingers crossed that “the worst” doesn’t happen to any of us!)

    If “the best” happens and we are allowed to host more riders we will re-open registration. If we can loosen restrictions and offer more fun after the event, we will do that too. For now, we are just happy that we can see all of your smiling faces again!

    Please visit to REGISTER .

    For those unable to join us in person, we will also be offering a Virtual DIY D2R2 event.
    Click for more information

    Hope to see you on August 21st!

    Happy riding,
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